Design Tools Project #3 Sports Logo

Original image

My project 3 was national sports team logo project. I chose “Manatees”, which is Florida’s baseball team, and this image is the original of team logo.

Create out line

1. create a background line by pen tool before create details.

Background colour

2. Fill a background colour.

create red ribbon

3. create red ribbon because I think starting to create a line from big image is more easily to follow its line.

Add inside circle lines and team name

4. create inside circle lines and team name except any shadows.

Add a shadows of “Manatees”

5. to show a shadows of “Manatees” by pen tool. Now the name has liveliness than before.

create manatee

6. create manatee behind the ribbon.

put some details of manatee

7. Add some details of manatee (eyes, eyebrows,tail, nose) and base ball.

-The red pattern was so hard to make because the original logo’s image quality was not good, so when I’v zoomed it and created the red patterns, it drove me crazy.. 😦

Manatee wears hat

8. give to manatee a hat.

create “Brevard county”

9. create another texts that “Brevard County”.

make a baseball

10. Create a baseball bat and fill the same colour with inside circle line.

final logo

 10. Final logo.

Finally, after I create a “TM” line, the logo designing was finished.

While I’ve worked this project, I realized that I am not good at using pen tool in Illustration, especially creating circles. Also, because of some texts’ sharpness shapes, even though I tried to make it as same as sharpness, it was hard to make it exactly same. However, it was a very good experience to practice using pen tools and developed strategies that where I starting to create a line properly.

Because I am interested in this project, I would try again 🙂


Design tools Project #2 Web design Prototype

Redesigning Aroma’s web page


Comparison between prototype and original design

Prototype screenshot

Full size image of prototype

Original web page screenshot

Full size image of original site

Work Explanation #1



  • I use Aroma’s primary color black and red in header. It grabs consumer’s attention, and it also shows Aroma’s special feature.
  • Especially, the “gift card” menu was just “card”, so I made it more specific to realize what it is.
  • Most fonts are identical as the Aroma’s small letter.

Work Explanation #2

-Main banner


  • Although the original site also has main banner image, that image is not organizes with original site’s feature and color. So I avoided to use contrasting colors and focused on Aroma’s “Healthy” image.
  • Also, I put the Aroma’s main advertising “aroma and chill” under the main banner.
    It can see more clear and easy to understand than before ad, and consumers could look around another drinks in the main page.

Work Explanation #3

-Secondary banners

Secondary banners image
  • A coffee shop’s new and hot drinks are always important, so I put these banners in the center, and make it a big banner in order to emphasize them.
  • Additionally, because of breakfast’s popularity, I put the large banner in bottom. Also I used bright image and clear color for the breakfast looks more fresh.

Work Explanation #4



  • I reorganized previous menus, and used main red color in the footer as header.
  • Added legal menu as other competition sites.
  • Because of the color balance, I selected dark red color in the social media icons. If I use black color, it will be stand out too much.


This project encourages me how to organize information specifically and critical thinking of branding new design. I learned that simple is best! ( e.g. Do not put lots of things in the small banner..) It was good work for me ! 🙂